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Dance at Home

The SideKick dance artists have been working hard to help you keep dancing at home. They have created a variety of short films so you can take part in a SideKick class whenever you like! All our classes are listed below, just click on the one that you would like to do. Have fun!

These classes have been designed with SideKick Dancers in mind. If you are taking part please make sure that you have plenty of space to safely dance around without hitting anything or anyone. Also, please work at your own pace, rest when you wish, and drink water.

A calm and relaxing 15 minute session to stretch, remobilise the joints and either feel relaxed or revived! Perfect for first thing in the morning, last thing at night or any time of day. Also great as an extension to your cool down after doing one of the other videos!

A fun and energetic session with Kirsty and her daughter Luna! Please make sure you have plenty of space and water, and join in at your own pace. In this session Kirsty has picked some of the signature moves that some of our youth group dancers choose to do regularly! She’s also included an energetic upper body reach and swing followed by a lovely cool down. Enjoy, take your time and be safe!

The movements in this film will be familiar to Sidekick dancers, however everyone is invited to join in. Please just work at your own pace, drink water when you wish and make sure you have enough room to safely dance around!

An energetic dance class designed for SideKick adult company dancers who know their translations to these exercises. Anybody is welcome to join in and adapt the movements to suit them as they wish. Please make sure you have lots of space, water when you wish and take it at your own pace. Enjoy!

13 minute dance class for all to do at home. This class has been designed with SideKick Dancers in mind but anyone is welcome to access it.

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